SUNICSsolar Group is a supplier and general contractor for the construction of turnkey photovoltaic systems – for its own portfolio, as well as for external and institutional investors.

Through excellent contacts between the founders and initiators of the economy, industry and the financial services sector SUNICSsolar Group is one of the very few companies to offer turnkey fund products in the growing market of renewable energies.

Each developed project is reviewed by independent experts and considered in accordance with the highest quality standards. The funds or investments to be finally placed are only released after a technical examination of their performance by independent expert opinions and after commercial and legal examination by auditors and lawyers.

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SUNICSsolar GmbH founded the Ecosenergy GmbH together with SV SparkassenVersicherung in 2009.

This was done with the intention of SV SparkassenVersicherung to invest more in the field of renewable energies. Ecosenergy GmbH, headquartered in Nordhorn, is a company operating throughout Europe in the field of renewable energies and specialises in photovoltaic systems.

Ecosenergy assumes responsibility for the entire tasks within the value chain through the company’s shareholders and its own subsidiaries, from project planning and financing to the operation of the plants.

As a general contractor, Ecosenergy GmbH acquires land, creates turnkey photovoltaic power plants and, in addition to organizing the financing, also undertakes management tasks. Contracts for the construction of the facilities will be awarded to specialized companies.


By working together with well-known component manufacturers, SUNICS Group can guarantee its customers the quality and reliability of their projects.

SUNICSsolar Group only designs high-quality and appropriately certified modules and components.

We are strong in the alliance with our partners: